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Canadian Chief Justice on Change in the Legal Profession

This Blog is Your Blog

Do you have thoughts ThinkstockPhotos-95843137 about how to create the best possible future for high quality legal services available to all who need them, regardless of means? If you are a member of the State Bar of Michigan, this blog is your blog, from Escanaba to the St. Clair waters. You, too Calumet. And St. Joseph. If you would like to submit an item for possible posting, send it to Non-member submissions are also open for consideration.

This blog is my blog, too. I retain editorial discretion. 

So here's a bit about me. I have the perspective and biases of a Caucasian female who came of age in Michigan in the sixties, first in her family to go to college. I was the oldest member of my law school class when I began law school at 36. My son was 4 years old, and my daughter was born during my second year of law school.

I love lawyers, literally. My husband is a lawyer, as is my son and his wife.

I am enormously grateful for my legal education and for the interesting and fulfilling work that has come my way because of it.

By nature, like many lawyers, I am an “on the other hand” kind of person, skeptical of accepting a proposition as truth without further examination, twisting and turning ideas around in all directions to see what others might have missed.

I want to hear as many different perspectives as possible before making a decision.

I change my mind a lot.

I am an optimist.  In the context of the subject matter of this blog, that means I think it is possible for people, acting intelligently together in good faith on the basis of good information, to shape the future in positive ways.

I have come to believe that technology today offers the opportunity to deliver affordable, quality legal services to people who have long been deprived of reliable access to justice … but only if lawyers become more collaborative, curious, and creative and the market for legal services becomes much more transparent. These are themes that you will see reflected in this blog’s posts. If you dispute them, your views are needed. Welcome to the conversation.


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