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LegalZoom Buys First Law Firm in England. Law Society Throws in the Towel

ThinkstockPhotos-179520805Calling its move "a step towards building a ‘next-generation’ law firm," the legal technology company LegalZoom has bought its first UK law firm, a 200-year-old conveyancing firm in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The Law Society Gazette has the story.  LegalZoom was approved for an ABS (alternative business structure) license earlier this year. LegalZoom was founded in the U.S., but in 2014 the European private capital firm Permira became LegalZoom's largest shareholder.

Meanwhile, in other legal tech start-up and conveyancing news, the Law Society of England and Wales has scrapped a multi-million dollar online conveyancing portal intended to "revolutionize" home buying.


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Patricia Willis

Finally, should have been done years ago and is as it shall be in the innovative field of the practice of law. I worked for attorneys and judges while a 17-year old college student at Western Michigan University. I did all the work and they got all the money - talk to the client for a short time, throw the file on my desk and he/she hardly knew their client when they went to court. After the Cramer decision in December of 1975, January of 1976 I put a small ad in and started work out of the basement of my home. I have been assisting clients, mainly in divorce, since that time and if I had the time, I would work in other areas, which I do occasionally. Get a book from the library, go on line and read Michigan Court Rules, etc. In a short time, our office was getting 20% of the divorces in Kalamazoo alone, with hundreds of attorneys charging three times what we charged. Never had a client sue me, rated A+ by BBB, except when a gentleman called from Lansing and said he was coming to put me out of business. Called John Foley, head of ACLU and later a judge for many years, told me to tell him that unless he had a complaint from one of your customers, to get the H--- of your property. Mr. Barron Conklin arrived and unfortunately fell down a lenghty set of snow-covered steps and ended in a heap of snow by my office door!

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